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When you want more than a hearing aid, get expert hearing care!

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Hearing products that you'll value for years to come

Along with a wide variety of customized hearing aids from Unitron and Siemens, Dr. Gorsky has a selection of batteries, battery testers, battery chargers and dehumidifiers to keep your hearing aids in peak condition.


Are you having difficulty hearing your family members through your home phone? Stop in and check out our amplified phone assistive listening devices brought to you by CapTel. We can even provide you with a screen that will display the words being spoken directly to you!

If you're a hunter or a construction worker, it's important to protect your ears from the loud sounds your activity or work can make. You can find the hearing protection and swim ear molds you need here at Expert Hearing Clinic, LLC. of the Mason region. We also have custom headphone ear molds for you as well.


For a prompt response, call us today to see if we have what you need in stock.

Do you have difficulty hearing your favorite show on television or have to ask your friend to repeat what they said while you speak with them on your cell phone? Dr. Gorsky has a wide variety of Bluetooth devices available to you to safely amplify the sound you hear from your electronics.

Hearing aid accessories and phone devices

Fantastic, modern Bluetooth devices

Protect your ears from loud, violent noises

By choosing Expert Hearing Clinic, LLC. you'll be working with Dr. Gorsky who is focused on providing you with the appropriate, individualized consultation to help you choose the right product for your current state of hearing. You'll find a variety of hearing aid styles, sizes and technology levels to help you hear better throughout the year. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Gorsky today and start hearing better in your day-to-day life again!

Protect your ears from loud, violent noises Hearing aid accessories and phone devices Fantastic, modern Bluetooth devices